The Travelling Souk

Elizabeth Scarlett
I am a colour enthusiast and have always searched for vibrant ways to decorate my home. When I moved into my first flat, I became obsessed with ways to make the space as unique and intimate as possible. I found special pieces from boutiques and markets across the country and spent lazy Sundays painting new patterns on pottery all shapes and sizes. Mixing together my passions for painting and homewares, I created Elizabeth Scarlett. Although I knew my way around an easel, I had a lot to learn about textiles and manufacturing. My grandfather made home textiles for 30 years and patiently taught me all I needed to get started. With his spirit in mind, I sought out the best quality materials and worked with a range of delicate techniques to translate each of my artworks into vibrant textiles for the home. I design every part of the process, from the hand-painted illustrations on the products themselves to the packaging, finishes, fillings and the much-considered colour palette. Every piece is made as I would a work of art. I hope they bring as much joy to your homes as it gave me to create them!

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