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BasketBasket was launched in October 2008 in a bid to supply an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic bag - none of our baskets will have any plastic and this is also why we ensure our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible (biodegradable bubble wrap, brown paper and water-based acrylic adhesive tape). These wonderful, handmade baskets are all made with natural products and provide a wide variety of uses - shopping or market baskets, picnics, trips to the beach, storage at home or for the laundry. They are strong as well as long lasting - don't mind getting wet, as long as they get a chance to dry out - and ensure that basket weaving skills can be passed onto furture generations. All our baskets are ethically sourced and ethically produced in Madagascar, Morocco and Northern Ghana. We are sure you will love our baskets as much as we do!

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