Elegant and stylish baby bags for new mums

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, one of the most special you will have. Many new mums are completely absorbed by their new little bundle and it’s important to take care of you, look good and feel confident. The Ultimate Baby Bag Co exclusive designer range of Nova Harley baby bags will make your feel like a stylish and chic new mum; in fact you might even feel like a celebrity.

Lucy-Jo Hudson from Coronation Street loves them so much she doesn’t only have one but two bags, often seen out and about carrying her Limited Edition Sydney bag alternating with the Beverly Hills Bag.

'I love my Nova Harley Luxury Change Bags'  Lucy-Jo Hudson, Coronation Street Actress.


'I love my Nova Harley Luxury Change Bags'  Lucy-Jo Hudson, Coronation Street Actress

Inspired by the catwalks making a statement mums will love is what Laura Hamilton best known for a Place in the Sun and Dancing on Ice, who has recently given birth to her first child; a baby boy feels about her Luxury Elegant Baby Bag.

Laura Hamilton, TV Presenter with our Nova Harley Luxury Elegant in Orange Leather


Laura Hamilton, TV Presenter with our Nova Harley Luxury Milan

The Ultimate Baby Bag Co have managed to successfully combine elegant and practical without compromising functionality as they understand what parenting is all about.

Spoil your mum this Mothers Day

Exactly. No matter how hard someone tries they will NEVER be. Good reminder.Mothers are special however they are often taken for granted, a mothers love is selfless and unconditional. What better way to tell your mum how much she means to you than on Mothers Day, not every day is Mothers Day and this special  occasion gives us the opportunity to celebrate our mums.

The Travelling Souk have something special this Mothers Day making shopping with us an exciting experience making shopping a pleasure.

Some beautiful treasures we recommend this Mothers Day:

Happy Mother's Day Gift

Personalise this Nelly’s Sweet Treats box which is filled with lots of mums favorite sweets including chocolates for only £5.99


Image 1The Personalised plaque by No Ordinary Gift Company: for only £20.00 you can give your mum a completely unique gift that she can treasure forever. Personalise with a list of what she likes “mum likes walking the dog, cups of tea, chatting on the phone” etc Each plaque is made to order in a range of different colours. 

'Rome' Silver and Gemstone Personalised NecklaceSpoil your mum with this beautiful ‘Rome’ Silver and Gemstone Personalised Necklace by Adela Rome.  £52.00 for this elegant piece of jewellery that is so versatile it can be worn with any outfit. This timeless necklace is a real treasure.


Image 3

Baby bag with a twist. Is your mum stylish? If so then this bag is a fashion statement for Mothers giving the ultimate luxury, glamour and functionality.  Nova Harley Luxury Manhattan is so chic that from the outside view, no one would know that you are using a Baby Bag! Price £198.00 by Ultimate Baby Bag Co


Top Note Design have taken their products to new heights

Meet these fun and fabulous cousins Lucy Goulding and Alice Dunhill who team up to bring us a unique range of artwork and home ware products for the wine lovers of the world. Their collaboration brings together their different artistic backgrounds making their company Top Note Designs a success.

Not only do they have an artistic flair they are both driven and passionate about the use of colours and shades in creating this art using digital technology in the West London Studio. They take favourite wines and to re-imagine them using colours and shades. They are constantly experimenting with designs and coming up with new innovative ideas. Of course they love the extra benefit their work brings which involves an awful lot of wine tasting!


We love their products especially these fabulous champagne tea towels which makes a great original gift for mother’s day especially if this person enjoys a glass of bubbly.

Champagne Glass Cloth


The fabric is high quality linen (60% cotton and 40% linen) developed to ensure a lint free sparkling finish to glasses and china. An added special touch is that this gift is hand crafted screen printed by Top Note Design’s team.

Nourish Skin Products

With so many beauty products in the market it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between them all. We have a new seller Nourish Skin Range: as mentioned by The Daily Mail

See what they are all about and try.


Nourish skincare have formulated a breakthrough skincare range using innovative plant extracts to protect, support and stimulate the skin’s natural processes.

By targeting nutrients to support the collagen-creating fibroblasts and stimulating the production of healthy skin cells, Nourish empowers the skin to naturally resist the signs of ageing.

By understanding the science behind the behaviour of different skin types, and by taking account of individual lifestyles and needs, the Nourish system offers an adaptable skincare solution delivering specifric nutrients to effectively support andf enhance skin’s health.

Certified Organic by the Soil Association, the Nourish range was inspired and produced by Dr Pauline Hili, one of the UK’s top Organic skin specialists. Trusted and acclaimed by beauty experts for over 15 years, Pauline’s wealth of knowledge advances the frontiers of organic beauty, driven by a belief that what you out on your skin not only affects its appearance, but also reflects in your body and mood

Jacaranda from Zimport

Getting to know Alison Parsons from Jacaranda from Zimport


How long have you been selling ?

Since July 2012

Do you sell at fairs?


What’s your favourite product from your collection?

‘Patchwork’ ceramic bowls from Burnt Earth Designs (see image) 

What is your favourite take away?

Anything with fish in it.


Best Place you have been on Holiday?

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe

If you won the lottery what would you buy first?

Round the world plane ticket.

Royal Baby Mug

we are delighted that finally The Royal Baby has arrived ( and what a great name… name of Mrs Travelling Souk’s husband!)

We have a new seller Gabriella Shaw who has produced 1000 limited edition mugs –

“The wait for the name is over and finally we can finish our beautiful mugs!  – this is an exclusive design by Gabriella Shaw, made of bone china and hand decorated in real platinum to commemorate the birth of Prince George.

We are producing a limited edition of only 1000 mugs which will come boxed and with a numbered certificate – order now and we will deliver as soon as we have added the name.  Because this is a truly hand made product delivery may take up to 28 days.”


To purchase one of these exclusive mugs then please click here

Getting to know KOKO

Meet the lovely and inspiring Philippa from Koko


I have been making and selling jewellery for about 10 years – I started when I was living on Bali; immersed into an extremely creative place it seemed a good idea to join in. I sell at some fairs and my favourite changes depending on my mood.

Favourite takeaway – Thai – nothing can beat it!
Best place – I have been lucky to travel alot Zanzibar and Madagascar were great for beautiful coastlines and remoteness. I love SE Asia for the traditions, beliefs, beauty again & food. I love India for its devotion and parts of Africa for its space and rawness.
Win the lottery – guess it depends on the size of the prize but let’s say it’s superbig :) I’d give to some Balinese charities and buy a guesthouse there and a house here – if I had any left I’d buy my family members an Ipad each.

Pestemal Towels

The Pestemal: practical or versatile?

Hamam towel sales start to pick up this time of year but because the weather has been so cold some customers frown and say it’s hard to imagine something so “thin” getting you dry. But as I love saying to customers, switching to using a pestemal simply means taking on board a different way of getting dry. It’s more of a poolside or gym thing, rather than that desire to envelop yourself in a big fluffy towel on a cold winter’s morning.

Every seller of hamam towels will make mention of how these lovely products also double up as a sarong, scarf or throw (and more). But to turn to the main point of this article, I want to stick my neck out and stress that what makes pestemals really work is how they are a supremely practical product.

The latest review of our Coast Pestemal – together with a series of recent feedback comments from store visitors – got me thinking about whether a hamam towel is versatile, practical or both. Or whether this is an irrelevant distinction or whether actually it matters quite a lot in terms of how a hamam towel is used.

So first up I warmly invite anyone reading this to engage in debate as to whether there is a distinction between a versatile product and a practical product. I would argue that practical is what you are really paying your money for. Why is this relevant? Because of the number of visitors who have never come across pestemals as a product, and with whom I find myself engaged in ever-enthusiastic conversation about them. Increasingly, this conversation centres on practical considerations.

For example, we have three young children and use pestemals all the time on holiday because it’s less to pack. One reviewer has taken Aegean pestemals on a cruise, where it’s a perfect solution to take a product which frees up luggage space and has more uses. Many customers buy these products as gifts for friends or family who are going travelling. In this context, for me the most practical consideration is how a hamam towel can be recycled extremely quickly. Use it, wash it, dry it and use it again all in a very short space of time. Great for family holidays or those travelling short on space. It’s also been argued that there is a valid ecological point to this since the entire cycle is friendlier to the environment.

Pestemals are a great product full stop. But if I say a hamam towel is practical versus a hamam towel is versatile does it make you think differently? How so? Is either of these features more or less likely to help a customer make a purchase? Our website product descriptions make mention of both, but this is a static description. When talking directly to customers in more depth, I’m convinced it’s practical that counts.

This post is written by Paul from Zarafet

on a personal note- the pestemal towel has TOTALLY changed my life when it comes to swimming lessons for my children. I love these towel and wouldn’t use anything else… try it and see at only £14.50 it is worth trying out !

Getting To Know …. Flossie & Bumble


do you love your dachshund? Our seller Flora from Flossie & Bumble has some gorgeous accessories for the home and plenty of goodies for dachshund lovers!

How long have you been selling ? online for 1 year.

Do you sell at fairs? Yes lots, Wimbledon, Parsons Green and Barnes Summer Fairs coming up in June and July.

What’s your favourite product from your collection? Dashing Dachshund Mugs

What is your favourite take away?   Firezza Pizza

Best Place you have been on Holiday?
On a beautiful house boat in Kerala, Southern India. The most amazing fresh food I have ever had.

If you won the lottery what would you buy first? A gorgeous house for my hubby, myself and our dog Bumble!


to view more of Flossie & Bumble products please click here

Meet the brains behind Tiffinware


Risham is one half of Tiffinware –

When did you start selling?

We started B2C selling in 2007 in UK, Tiffinware was around for much earlier but only to wholesale customers. The V&A Shop sold our spoons for quite a long time before that.


What is your favourite product ?

My favourite product? Ohhhhh, thats so hard – I love them all, they’re like my babies, you create, nurture, produce…..all so closely. I love the new enamel range, and a salad bowl which is also new and will be on the Travelling Souk soon. If you want to know between the products on your site, then its a draw between the long stemmed Salad Servers and the Honey Pot and Wiggly Stem Spoon. Both were so hard to get just right, took over 2 years, but we did it!

What is your favourite take away?
Hard to say, its so dependent on moods, but supper – mediterranean humous, kebabs olives. Great place in Ladbroke Grove – can’t remember the name!

Best Place you have been on Holiday?

Australia – loved Melbourne.

If you won the lottery what would you buy first?

More space!

Sheep Wool Duvet – benefits of lambs wool


So I have recently purchased a duvet from one of our sellers southdown duvets one of the reasons that I got one was due to my body getting so hot at night – I am not going through the menopause this has happened since I was 20. I spoke to the lovely seller Jessica who told me the benefits of the sheep wool controlling your body temperature. I am thrilled to say that it has worked!

These duvets are divine and below is some more info for you


n the first instance, the duvets are made from two completely natural products, nothing more: 100% pure wool and 100% pure percale cotton which means they are hypoallergenic. So if you are allergic to feathers, dust, chemicals, moulds and mildew, these duvets can help you cope with your allergies by reducing your exposure to those nasty things that you are reacting to.
Instead of taking remedies in an attempt to reduce your symptoms, surely it is better to get to root cause of the problem and resolve that? All this means our duvets are good news for asthmatics and people with breathing difficulties and sinus problems. Synthetics and feathers do not solve these problems and in fact are often the very cause of allergic reactions.
No more dust mites
By washing and scouring our wool, we remove the lanolin and protein which means dust mites find our duvets really boring. This is totally unlike feather and down which after a while begin to breakdown, generating a very protein dust which attracts dust mites

By naturally controlling the micro-climate around your body, the duvets reduced the effects of hot flushes and night sweats. Good for children too.

Book on Bali by Philippa Goldie


The moment she moved to Bali Philippa Goldie was captivated with the island’s religion, devotion, traditions and offerings.

During the nine years she lived there she collected many, many photos of daily offerings; allured by their beauty and intricacy.

In 2010 ‘My Offering’ was published – Philippa was moving on from Bali and decided to create a book with a collection of her favourite photos; each one accompanied by an inspirational quote from some of the world’s most prolific people – from all walks of life. Each photo shows the canang in a different way – all so varied in makeup and meaning.


‘Not only do I find the canang (offerings) incredibly beautiful, but also the devotion and faith with which Canang are made inspired me to publish my book’ says Philippa. ‘I wanted to create awareness of Bali’s most unique and traditional artform. With modern lifestyles it is beginning to die out in some areas – my aim is to create some global awareness and interest.’

The colourful, eye-catching book measures 20x20cm; being lightweight it is an ideal gift or souvenir showing some of Bali’s beauty.

The book is also her offering back to Bali – 10% of profits from the book will go to Bali’s neediest charities.

All profits from books sold in the UK will be donated to Balinese charities. So far donations have been made to Jodie O’Shea orphanage in Denpasar and Ibu Robin’s Bumi Sehat in Udud.

* ‘The book is straightforward in presenting the canang offering as it is — simple but meaningful — and in its simplicity, the book may serve to complete a collection of books about Bali.’ – The Jakarta Post

*  ‘This is a beautiful book with gorgeous photographs and inspiring quotations.’ Ganesha Book shop.

Getting to know Ville et Campagne


Meet Florence from Ville et Campagne

How long have you been selling ?

  4 years
Do you sell at fairs?

Spirit of summer & Christmas at Olympia , London.
What’s your favourite product from your collection ?

Olive tablecloth and  harbour Collection.


What is your favourite take away?


Best Place you have been on Holiday?


If you won the lottery what would you buy first?

House in India

“Getting to know….”

This week we are introducing one of our stallholders I Have to Have it

How long have you been selling:

I have to have it will be celebrating its first birthday in September

Do you sell at Fairs:

I only sell at local fairs and charity fundraisers

What is your favourite product form your Range :

I love my mood mugs (… so do we! )

What is your favourite Take Away

Fish n Chips with loads of salt & vinegar please!

Where is the Best Place you have been on holiday ?

Kenya on Honeymoon

If you won the Lottery would you buy first?

Anything the children desired; a beautiful watch for my husband and a fine pair of 1ct diamond studs for me, all at the same time on the same day (and without checking my bank balance at all!!)

For a full range and a look at their shop window click here


PR from The Sunday Express

We work hard to get PR for our stallholders. The more people here about us the better, and although you might think that newspapers and magazines are a dying breed with the rise of the internet, I can safely say that PR works! People who might not have seen your brand  get idea’s for gifts, see things they that they might not see on the high street and they generally take advice from Editors that they trust! For the past 2 Sunday’s we have been lucky enough to have features in The Sunday Express S Mag. This week they have featured these extremely yummy tabasco spicy chocolate wedges. At only £4.50 for a 50g tin they make a fantastic little gift. Going to stay with friends? a thank you for lunch, or the best gift of all – the one’s to yourself! Go on try it!

Eco Souk

Today the main focus for our beautiful environment is not to destroy it with land fills, plastic bags, and house hold rubbish. We have a strong belief at The Travelling Souk that eco friendly products are the way forward. Eco Souk is a little section that we would like you to visit.

Basket Basket and Gone Rural are 2 companies that have a some fantastic products that have an interesting story.

We are delighted to have these gorgeous baskets from the Maata-N-Tudu Association in northern Ghana. It was created to support the women of this region to improve the quality of their lives through education, loans and mutual self-help. Many of these women live on less than US$1 a day. We have paid a much higher rate for their baskets than they are able to get in the local markets so all baskets purchased directly help to improve their lives. These baskets are £30 by Basket Basket

The products you are viewing come from the hands of women from the remotest parts of Swaziland, in south eastern Africa. Ravaged by one of the world’s highest rates of aids, the landlocked country is home to thousands of isolated women whose husbands and family members have been claimed by the disease, leaving them with no income to feed themselves. Gone Rural provides a livelihood for these women so they can earn enough money to feed themselves and send their children to school. The women, who often work in groups, collect the abundant local mountain grass and use age-old weaving techniques to create these stunning and durable products. £60 by Gone Rural

This seasons must have belts

It has been a somewhat long winter with big jumpers and hats and gloves, I always think that summer accessory’s include sun hats, sparkly jewellery and fantastic belts. I have selected some of our best for the girls and the boys. Take a look and let us know which one you prefer !


Both these belts are bright and colourful and very unique. The Belt on the left is by Bengo Belts and is £20.00 the belt on the right is by Peachy Belts £110